A Humble Entrance

Last week we looked at Divine Interruptions and how it is easy to miss something that we are not looking for. I shared some of our story and how God…

Divine Interruptions

As we begin this morning – I have a test for you! Don’t worry, it’s not like the ACT or a Biblical Theology test!
We are going to start out with a short video, be asked a question, and then talk about what you see. Let’s watch this video.

The Love of a Shepherd

God loves you. No, he really does. God loves you. I was sitting in a service in St. Louis listening to a man talk named Tom Lytle…

A Bond of Faithfulness

This morning I want to continue to build on the theme of faith. We talked about Abraham and my friend Shahrokh last week with this idea that we are called to believe, to step out in faith and trust God with all that we are. We talked about taking that step of faith leads to being born again or being given a fresh start as Ron testified to.

Ventilating Faith

Faith is the lifeblood of God. Hebrews 11 states that faith is confidence in the things we cannot see. What step is God asking you to take in your faith?

Wandering With Jesus

Everywhere we turn we seem tired, stressed out, overwhelmed, deflated. We feel it personally and see it in those around us. We could all use a little break couldn’t we? What if we could all just take a few minutes to take a deep, long, breath?