For many, Christmas can be a stressful season of pressure and unmet expectations. There is a current that can pull us under if we are just going with the flow. How can we stay steady through the waves of demands, comparison, and uncertainty that hit us? This series explores how to find God’s grace during the stress of the holiday season, so we can focus on what’s truly important.



We have been journeying through our current Advent sermon series, Caught In the Undertow. All around us and even within us we sense the rush of the season. We can get swept into the current of running from here to there, gift buying, and Christmas parties, that we do not take time to slow down and take time to reflect on the things that have deeper and more significant meaning.


We continue in our Advent series today, Caught In the Undertow and we will be looking at Isaiah 40:1-11 and you can turn there now if you would like.


I remember as a kid waiting for certain times of the year. I couldn’t wait for my birthday to have cake, get presents, and pick out my favorite meal to have. It seemed like it took forever for a year to go by.