Gentleness & Meekness

When we first arrived here in Ashland, we had the opportunity to stay at the Stranburg’s vacation home. What a great place to stay!  In those early days, we spent a lot of time working at the parsonage. On one occasion, we were working at the parsonage into the evening and I took the kids back the to Stranburg’s and Angelia stayed behind and continued to work.


Dependability sells. Six decades ago Timex sold watches on live national television by focusing on dependability. The announcer would do something outrageous like strap the watch to the propeller of an outboard motor and run the engine in a tank of water. He would then stop the engine, remove the watch, and hold it up for the camera.


Goodness is something much deeper than the surface appearance of being nice, a warm smile, and a put together appearance.


This should change how we live as we saw articulated in Galatians and our lives will be marked with love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.


As we get started today, I want to pass around this rock. As you receive it, I want you to look at it critically: what do you see?


As we engage in that relationship our heart, soul, and mind are transformed and shaped into being more like Christ.