Thanksgiving series that revolves around being at the same table and a skit titled “A Turkey for Thanksgiving” which also had the moral of everyone having a place at the table.



A little word this morning from our friend John Mayer as we continue our series, The Table. Have you ever found yourself on verge of screaming out “just say it already!”  “Spit it out!”  “Say what you need to say!” “Get it over with!”


The first step to practicing radical hospitality is to accept Christ’s invitation and then be bold enough to invite others. In a practical sense, we need to be inviting others over to our homes, out to coffee, to go and do something together, to even help with things like moving. The first step is to actually extend an invitation.


Imagine for a moment a young man walking his grandfather’s farmstead. As his worn, brown leather boots press across the stalks of wheat, he looks up into the setting sun.