Welcome To GracePoint

Hello, Welcome to GracePoint!

Hi GracePoint Family,

Every week we gather as GracePoint to worship and grow together as the body of Christ. I think we could all agree that we are truly a blessed people to be able to freely do that and to be able to gather with this group – we love one another and it shows. Each week we also have those who are new to our community or perhaps are visiting for the first time. This past week, we had 2 first time guests and one guest who has now been with us three weeks in a row –Praise God! It is a pretty intimidating thing to walk into a place you have never been to before; anxiety sweeps over and doubts come of whether to even go through with it. These emotions are heightened when it is going to a church you have never been to before because of the past experiences that one has. As one guest arrived for the first time at GracePoint this past Sunday, she opened the front doors and stood there frozen. Her eyes grew really big as she stared at the mass of people in front of her, stretching across the main entry doors and lobby. Someone within the lobby noticed her and quickly walked toward her, realizing the overwhelming feeling she must be under. Soon this guest was led through the lobby and shown the sanctuary and the basic layout of the church.

This was a critical moment for this guest and thankfully someone recognized their distress and jumped in to be of assistance. But it brought to our attention the need for our lobby space to be more open and to allow those who enter our doors to do so freely. As we gather together this Sunday, you will notice a few changes in the layout of the lobby and the library to help with accomplishing these things. So far, the adjustments have been met with wonderful words and encouragement and we hope you do as well. And remember, there are always those around you who may not feel the same sense of belonging so reach out and invite someone in to conversation and fellowship.

I am looking forward to a great day together as we continue our sermon series Fruitology and we hear from the scriptures about Goodness. Have a good rest of your week.

Pastor Phil