Where Will God Use You?

Where will God use you?

Hi GracePoint Family,

A couple in our congregation went camping last week and had a divine encounter with a man at their campsite. As they settled into their site and prepared for a meal, a man came to the site near theirs to set up his tent. Now, this was not a tent camping site but that part of the campground was too wet so he was relocated to the area for campers. As he unpacked his belongings, he tried to secure his tent but had difficulty getting the tent stakes in the hard ground. Looking for help, he turned to a nearby campsite to borrow a hammer and found this couple.

As they began talking and lent the hammer, they felt impressed to invite this man to share dinner with them. As they prepared to eat, they said a prayer of blessing over the food. The scruffy, temporarily toothless man who was a graduate of Julliard and an avid hiker, looked up and thanked them for their generosity and prayer. He began to tell them his story and how he reads the Bible everyday but believes he could not be a Christian since he does not attend a church on a regular basis.

The woman looked back at him with warm, grace-filled eyes and told him the wonderful news that he can be a Christian despite an absence of church attendance. At this campsite under the beautiful sky and trees, this couple led this man in a prayer to accept Christ as his personal Savior.

You never know the time or place that God is going to use you for His work – even through the simple act of John and Cynthia Stranburg lending a hammer.

Pastor Phil