This Week At GracePoint The Power Of Love

The Power of Love

Hi GracePoint Family,

We are a month removed from the 4th of July but I still marvel at how God was able to use us on that day. As GracePoint, we rallied together and gave out over 3,600 bottles of water to our community. As we enthusiastically declared and asked people if they wanted a free bottle of water, someone would immediately reply “no thanks” and keep walking. About the time that they got past the GracePoint volunteer, their steps would slow and they would turn around and ask, “did you say free?” They then came back, took our gift of water, said thank you, and went on their way. This scenario happened many times that hot day. People were taken back by the reality that the water was free. No cost, no agenda, just a free bottle of water.

On several other occasions, people passing would express their heartfelt gratitude that GracePoint was there and what a blessing it was. Our neighboring vendors also expressed their thanks for the bottles of water we distributed up and down Lithia Park to those in other tents.

And then there were a couple of significant moments from people we were able to serve. One person stopped and looked at our banner as he received the bottle of water. As he read the sign he said, “Serve the world, huh? Wow, you guys are actually doing what you say.” As we faithfully live out our faith in love by serving others, people take notice. This person may never step foot on our campus but he now knows that there is a Christian community called GracePoint Church that does what they say and really does love people. May it continue to be so as God uses us to share the Gospel.

Pastor Phil