Rocketship Taking Off

Rocket Science?

Hi GracePoint Family,

This Sunday we will conclude our current sermon series, All In. I hope that you have been able to join us as we have journeyed through our current mission, vision, and core values. As this series comes to an end, I am challenged to be thinking about the question, “so what?” Sermons on the topics in this series are likely not new to hear, nor are they complex theories to try and grasp.

However, as we look at scripture, we see the call of Christ to the simple, daily patterns that become The Way, an embodiment of what it really means to be a Christ-follower. Although the concepts of prayer, building relationships with one another, reading scripting, being a part of the body of Christ (the church), and giving are not rocket science, it seems that it is the simple things that tend to get lost but are the most important and the key catalysts to growth.

As we gather Sunday, would you contemplate the question with me? So what? So what does it mean to be All In? What does it mean for me to be called to a life of prayer, scripture, and daily relationship with the Lord? What does it mean to really love my neighbor? What does it mean to be fully surrendered?

May our prayer be the God will reveal Himself in fresh ways as we ponder what this series really means to us in the days ahead.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Phil