City Landscape

Picture Posing

Hi GracePoint Family,

Today is a special day. 10 years ago, a couple of young and in love people who had only been dating 6 weeks got engaged. Overlooking the skyline of downtown Kansas City from atop the Western Auto Building, I got down on one knee and asked Angelia to be my wife. It was a wonderful night that capped a fairytale romance and began a new chapter of our life together. Wow – look at me carry on like a sensitive soul!

A friend of my sisters lived in one of the lofts of the building and she came up and took pictures for us. It was great to be able to have those moments captured. As we look back on those pictures there is without a doubt a genuine and deep joy beaming from us. Those are pictures that you like to look at.

But amongst the pictures that exude a real sense of joy we find images that depict a different tale. For many of us we have found ourselves in situations where we are being asked to “smile” … “c’mon you can give a better one than that!” Instead of our deepest joy being displayed on our faces, we are forced to try and conjure up a smile and glow to appear as though we truly feel that expression in the moment. We pose for the picture. I would imagine that some of the best pictures ever taken are candid shots – not staged, planned, or posed – but real, in the moment, pictures.

When we go throughout our days, do we feel like we must “put on a face” or are we being true to who we really are on the inside? As Christ-followers it is a deeper question than just what emotion we may be feeling. It is a question of if we are reflecting the Glory of God because we have been with Him.

As we live our lives, people will see the glory of God shining through us in a genuine way. It is a candid shot of who we are. However, the same people will quickly sniff out a fake smile, a covered-up reality, a pose meant to mask the truth.

As we go throughout our days, may we seek God and reflect His glory. May He give us joy even during difficulty and may we be people who are real and genuine, displaying the joy of Christ.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Phil