Say What

Say What!?

Hi GracePoint Family,

I am a product of the 80’s and 90’s where catchphrases “were all the rage!” See what I did there!? One of those phrases was a great one to use when you were caught off guard, astonished, or surprised.  You would loudly proclaim with big eyes, “say what!?” The big expression matched the big permed hair look for both guys and gals at the time.

It has been a few years since I have used that phrase but I often find myself reverting to old words and phrases to mix it up I suppose. I cruise through social media and often think, “say what!?” or “oh no he din’t!”

Words seem to be a minefield, especially with all the many ways we have to communicate. Not only can we still talk with our voices but we talk with our fingertips through typing on a keyboard. It sure does seem easier to type out words than to say them to a person’s face anymore.

As we continue in our series, The Table, we are going to explore how to be radically hospitable in our communication. What does scripture have to say about our communication and how did Christ model for us a hospitable way of communicating? Be sure to join us this weekend.


Pastor Phil