Advent A Season Of Preparation

The Season of Counterculture

Hi GracePoint Family,

This Sunday we begin the season of Advent, the 4 weeks leading up to the birth of Christ. As you might have noticed, according to our cultural calendar, Christmas began before Halloween was even here. Every year it seems that stores get decorations up and product on the shelves earlier and earlier. Christmas is here and will be over as soon as we get up and open presents.

However, as Christ-followers Christmas is not yet here. In fact, Advent is a period of waiting, of great expectation for the Christ-child. Then we celebrate Christmas and Epiphany (the period when the Magi and Shepherds visited the newborn babe). This tension of waiting is complicated by our cultural calendar and probably how we have grown up. We sing Christmas songs after Thanksgiving all the way up until Christmas and then we are “Christmas songed out”.

As we begin our new Advent sermon series “Caught In the Undertow”, we will be exploring these themes of how to live as Christ-followers in a world that is increasingly different than the Kingdom Christ came to declare. I hope you can join us for Point Group Community at 9:30am as well as we will be exploring these ideas in Scott Daniels book, “Embracing Exile”.

These weeks together will be important for us as we journey through this meaningful season with great expectation and strength so we can embrace the countercultural nature of the Gospel.

Waiting with Hope,

Pastor Phil