Relationships Paper Men


If we were to try and define a metanarrative for the Bible we could probably sum it up with the word, “relationships”. God’s relationship with us, our relationship with God, relationships with other humans, relationships with animals and the earth. Everywhere we look we find relationships. Like most of you, I can look in the rear-view mirror and see relationships that are wonderful and relationships that were difficult. There are treasured relationships and broken relationships.

Recently, I watched a TED Talk about the longest running research study of adult development ( Their goal has been to find out what brings happiness and good health through this life. Statistically, people say that fame, fortune, and career will bring happiness. However, after 75 years of this research study (seriously, watch the talk if you haven’t) those are not a part of what contributes to happiness and wholeness. They conclude that it is relationships; deep and meaningful relationships.

I think too often we forget about the importance of slowing down to enjoy this life and to value the one thing that isn’t disposable or fleeting. God designed us for relationship with him and with others and it is through our relationships that the love of Christ is shared.

This weekend, Angelia and I are away at a denominational conference but Pastor Dan Smith will be with us and sharing the Word. Praying for another great day!

Breaking Down the Barriers,

Pastor Phil