This past Wednesday, we hosted the Radi family for an evening where we heard great testimony to God’s movement in Argentina. Afterwards, the Radi girls were playing and saw our prayer cross. Carlos asked me about its significance and then he began to count the colored pieces of twine that represent our prayers. Overwhelmingly, prayers for family were offered almost 2 to 1.

I think that for many of us, we carry significant burdens for our families – immediate and extended. Those are also some of the burdens that we carry closest to us, only allowing a few people in to details.

Would you take a few moments today to ask the Lord to bring to your mind a person and their family to pray for? Perhaps it is someone who is going through divorce or marital difficulties. Maybe it is a tense parent and child relationship. Possibly it’s your own family. Perhaps its extended family tension and feuding that has gone on for years.

Carve out a few minutes today to pray for who God brings to your mind. Pray for the chains of fear, anger, and hurt to be broken and for healing to take place. Pray for reconciliation, understanding, and empathy to take hold. Pray for a sensitivity to the work of Christ in the lives you are praying for.

Praying with you,

Pastor Phil