Trading Spaces

Forward Progress – Trading Spaces

Hello GracePoint Family,

This week we are continuing our weekly email series with highlighting some of the changes that are happening around GracePoint. This week, take a look at some of the changes happening with our spaces.

Trading Spaces

As you entered GracePoint a couple weeks ago, it would have been difficult to not notice some of the spaces receiving a different look and feel. The lobby underwent a significant refresh in the fall and a few weeks ago slight changes were made to accommodate the new kid’s check-in center that will begin to utilize as we near Easter Sunday.

The counter that is being used for the check-in center had been in one of the cubbies under the stairs. When it was moved, it left a nice open space for a conversation area and chairs have been added. The other cubby that has been utilized as the Missions Corner was also moved. After several conversations, the NMI Council wanted to give the existing corner fresh life and a clearer purpose. Soon, what was the Missions Corner will be relocated to the lower hallway, across from the restrooms. This will give it more visibility and streamline the content to make it more accessible. Where the Missions Corner was located has now been converted into the area where coffee will be located on Sunday’s. New chairs have also been purchased for the lobby and the women’s restroom that will coincide with a facelift for our bathrooms on the lower level.

Finally, the current nursery will be relocated to the second level so that all children will be on the same level. This will allow us to maximize our ability to keep our kids safe while they are in the building. Once it is moved upstairs, one half of the room will become a prayer room and the other half will become a nursing mother’s room. It will be separated with a divider for privacy and thanks to a generous donation, it will include a TV that will stream the worship gathering.

These shifts in our spaces are with the intention of making our campus a place that has the guest in mind. We want to have a campus that makes it clear where things are located, protects the most vulnerable around us, has functional spaces for traffic flow and practicality, and proclaims our mission and vision as a church.

Channeling my inner Chip Gaines,

Pastor Phil