Ashland GracePoint Building

A Few New Faces

Hello GracePoint Family,

A few weeks ago I announced to you that we were journeying through a few transitions in the office. With the departure of Margaret Bohn as the Office Manager and Sheryl Fish as the Bookkeeper, we have been working on a transition plan. In our March board meeting, I presented our current progress and a plan for discussion and an ultimate nod of affirmation.

Beginning on Monday, April 9, you will see a few new faces in the office. Angelia Burkhart is going to serve as the Office Administrator and oversee the functions of the GracePoint Office. She will keep regular office hours each week and facilitate the accomplishment of the administrative work of the church. Donna Eddington and Dorie Lewandowski have also committed to serve in the office and will be utilizing their passion and skills in ministry.

As we continue to grow as a congregation and move out into our community, our processes and pathways of communication will shift and grow. Diversifying the presence in the office will help us get more people involved in accomplishing the administrative functions of the church and allow margin for growth.

Angelia has extensive experience in the corporate world, working as the executive assistant to seven department managers at a global nuclear engineering firm. She also has the ministry experience needed including graphic design, content management, and maximizing time and resources to accomplish a variety of goals.

Donna has significant experience as well in the corporate world, including many years in management with the US Post Office but also has years of serving in the local church as the NMI President and now a current Church Board Member. Dorie is one of our most committed volunteers and has a broad skill set. Coupled with her passion to serve the Lord, she already is highly involved in the office and this transition will expand her current weekly role.

I am excited to welcome Angelia, Donna, and Dorie to the team and I would invite you to extend a welcome to them as well as they continue to get acclimated over the next few weeks.

Looking Forward,

Pastor Phil